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Monday, September 27, 2010

dragon warrior 7

ive put over 60 hours on this game in epsxe and Ive noticed that a lot of the game is predetermined before it even happens everything form monster drops to lucky panel.i did a save state before a battle and every time i reloaded i got into a fight with the same monsters also which monsters will join you or drop items are also decided.something that really sucks for someone that's plays on a ps1 is that in the casino poker table when you go to double your winnings is that you cant always win.lets say i got a flush and im at 40 starting out i win get 80 go to double and my card is a 6,if i pick high ill get a 2 and if i pick low the card will be a 9 making it very hard to get a lot of coins fast.from what Ive seen you should only double up on anything below a full house they seem to ether let you make it all the way or at least most of the way 80% of the time.where the ones on the left you mite only be able to double up 4 times at max 99.99% or the time.(i have personally never made it further with the save states)

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